1. Classic Manicure and Pedicure

This classic grooming of the hands and feet includes a soothing soak and polish.
Classic Manicure.. $25           
Classic Pedicure.. $35        
Classic Manicure and Pedicure.. $55

2. French Manicure and Pedicure

This nail treatment incorporates French polish with a classic manicure/pedicure.
French Manicure.. $35 
French Pedicure.. $50  
French Manicure and Pedicure.. $75

3. Gel Manicure and Pedicure

Classic manicure and pedicure with a 2-week gel polish.

Gel Manicure.. $40    
Gel Pedicure.. $55    
Gel Manicure and Pedicure.. $90

4. Mellow Mint Manicure and Pedicure

Mellow out with a soothing hand and foot bath, followed by a refreshing peppermint rosemary salt scrub that will smooth and invigorate the skin. Our professional nail specialists will perform a relaxing massage before cleaning and prepping the nails for polish.

Mellow Mint Manicure.. $40     
Mellow Mint Pedicure.. $60    
Mellow Mint Manicure and Pedicure.. $95

5. Bloom Luxury Manicure and Pedicure

The ultimate manicure and pedicure experience pampers the skin, leaving a feeling of hydration and suppleness. Our uplifting tangerine scrub will smooth and soothe stressed hands and feet. After the rejuvenating scrub, a stimulating warm stone massage and hydrating mask will restore moisture. Effective grooming and excellent polish will leave you feeling totally renewed.
Luxury Manicure.. $45    
Luxury Pedicure.. $65    
Luxury Manicure and Pedicure.. $105  

6. Gentleman's Manicure and Pedicure

This treatment is designed for the classic man looking to kick back and relax. A refreshing soak will soften the skin, which allows dead skin to be removed easily to reveal your soft side.
Gentlemen’s Manicure.. $25    
Gentlemen’s Pedicure.. $35    
Gentlemen’s Manicure and Pedicure.. $55

7. Hydrating Paraffin Treatment

Our deeply nourishing paraffin will leave your hands and feet feeling better than ever before by warming and soothing while pushing vital nutrients and hydration deeper into the skin to provide lasting suppleness. 
Add-on for Hands Only.. $10           
Add-on for Feet Only.. $15       

Hair Removal

1. Half Arm Wax


2. Full Arm Wax


3. Underarm Wax


4. Brow Shaping


5. Lash Tint


6. Chin Wax


7. Back/Neck/Shoulder Wax


8. Full Leg Wax


9. Half Leg Wax


10. Bikini Wax


11. Chest and Stomach Wax


12. Lip Wax


13. Brow Tint


14. Brow and Lash Tint


15. Brow Wax


16. Lip and Brow Wax


17. Lip and Chin Wax


18. Full Face Wax


19. Partial Brazilian Wax


20. Full Brazilian Wax


21. Nose Wax



1. Traditional Finnish Sauna

Use of the sauna is free to Bloom Clients who have purchased at least one professional massage or facial on the day of use. If you simply wish to enjoy the sauna during your visit, enjoy 30 minutes for $15.

2. NEW!! Nordic Sauna Experience

This exhilarating true "sona" experience involves alternating sessions of sauna heat followed by cold water immersion. Not only does it provide intense relief to sore, achy muscles, but is also said to improve immune response and reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. 

Approximately 75 minute treatment time $65




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